Running from Strangers by CC Harrison

Running From Strangers by C.C. Harrison

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Running From Strangers

Running from Strangers by CC Harrison

Child advocate Allie Hudson made some powerful enemies by calling for public oversight on police corruption. Soon, she’s running for her life with Davy Lopez, a seven-year-old child in her care. Fleeing from unknown pursuers, she runs to Beck Williams, the only man she can trust. All she has to do is find him, and hope he’ll forgive her for leaving him without a word twelve years before.

Because vengeful ex-cops aren’t the only ones seeking retribution. Someone has set Davy Lopez in their sinister sights, sending Allie and Beck on a frantic race against time to save him.

Running From Strangers is a fast-paced suspenseful search for the truth that sweeps the reader across the country to a secluded wild horse refuge and a trendy resort town in the Rocky Mountains. But there is no sanctuary from evil. Against the stunning backdrop of beautiful Southwest Colorado, courageous and engaging characters bring this story of love and survival to a terrifying conclusion. With never a dull moment, the page turning twisty plot surges toward an unforgettable and unexpected climax.

National Readers Choice Award Finalist!
Golden Quill Finalist!
Aspen Gold Finalist!

What They’re Saying…

“Harrison’s intense novel of romantic suspense is filled with enough surprises to keep the reader entertained and guessing to the end.” – Booklist

“… marvelous tale … Dynamic characters … captivating plot.” – 4 STARS – RT Bookviews

“Running From Strangers has everything a romantic suspense reader could want – a fast-paced plot and a sizzling love story. Fans of Catherine Coulter and Nora Roberts will love C. C. Harrison.” – Lisa Unger, NYT bestselling author of Black Out

“Allie Hudson is the most engaging kind of heroine” a woman who can’t afford to make any more mistakes, yet doesn’t hesitate to risk everything to save a helpless child. C. C. Harrison effectively blends suspense, romance and a memorable Western setting to
tell the story…” – Sandra Parshall, author of The Heat of the Moon and Disturbing the Dead

“If you like the suspense and characters of Sandra Brown, you’re going to love C. C. Harrison. A dynamite mystery with an emotional bang.” – Erin Grady, Award winning author of Whispers

“Plenty of action, multiple twists and turns . . . a good and suspenseful read that will leave readers hoping for a sequel.” –

“Never a dull moment, the page turning twisty plot surges toward an unforgettable and unexpected climax.” – Fresh Fiction

Sage Cane's House of Grace and Favor

Sage Cane’s House of Grace and Favor

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Sage Cane’s House of Grace and Favor

Women needed guts to live in the Old West and Sage Cane had an abundance. Finding herself penniless and in debt after the death of her father, then abandoned at the altar by a fortune-hunting scoundrel, she headed for Colorado gold country to take possession of the hotel she inherited from her Aunt Hannah “Honey” Wild. When she arrives, she is shocked to discover the hotel is really a bordello called Wild Mountain Honey Pleasure Palace. She announces her decision to close it down, but meets resistance from sexy Sheriff Bridger Norwood who is convinced it has to remain open in order to keep the peace in the rough and tumble mining town.

But Sage wasn’t born to let adversity keep her down or men control her destiny.

It was a town of, by and for men with nothing for women. Not a slip of silk or froth of lace could be found anywhere outside the bordello. While the men mined for gold, drank in the saloons, gambled at the card tables, or visited Wild Mountain Honey, the wives were left behind to scrabble together a home in tents, huts and dugouts. That is, until Sage Cane secretly opened a charm school to teach them how to dress for adornment, whisper into a man’s ear, and practice the fine art of seduction.

SAGE CANE’S HOUSE OF GRACE AND FAVOR vividly brings to life the hardships and dangers women faced in the rugged frontier towns that catered to men. Secrets are revealed and secrets are kept, but women did what they had to do to survive in this story of a town forced to rise to the standards of its women.

Christy Hubbard introduces the most unforgettable charmer since Scarlett O’Hara in a wild and wonderful tale of girl power in the Old West!

Available in fine bookstores everywhere.

Colorado Humanities Book Award – finalist

What They’re Saying…
“Cinch up your corsets and enjoy the romance!” – Joanne Sundell, award winning author of PARLOR HOUSE DAUGHTER

“I loved it! . . . Definitely a book all western romance fans must have.”
– Donna MacQuigg, author of NEVER TOO LATE

4 STARS! “. . . marvelous tale . . . Dynamic characters…captivating plot.”

“. . . a tale well told.” – ROMANCE REVIEWS TODAY

“. . . fast paced . . . an inspiring, well written historical novel . . .”

“Ms. Hubbard unfolds this story in delicious layers filled with lots of information about life in the Old West. . . details are sure to please western history buffs. . . great descriptions and enjoyable characters will take readers on a wonderful trip back in time . . .”

5 STARS! “What a well told story with twists in the plot that add humor and pain to the characters’ lives. Sage will charm every reader. Great job!”